A Patient Education Resource

Key Concepts

  • Targeted to children, parents, and provides
  • Reproductive health taught in the context of critical-illness
  • Learn about fertility preservation options for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients
  • Includes informative videos, animations, survivor stories and printable materials

Reproductive health can also be taught in the context of critical-illness, as many diseases and treatments alike can harm both reproductive and endocrine health in many individuals. is an interactive patient education resource that provides authoritative information to young cancer patients, their parents and partners whose fertility may have been or will be impaired by life-saving treatment for a disease. provides answers to cancer-related fertility questions, guidance for talking to physicians about fertility concerns, and assistance finding a fertility preservation specialist. The website includes informative videos, animations, survivor stories and printable materials, as well as a list of other available online resources and support groups for patients, parents, partners, and providers.  The website has become an important resource for fertility preservation guidance and patient education.